Graduates competencies

The graduate of postgraduate program of Remote Sensing, Faculty of Geography UGM is equipped to master at least three (3) sub-field from several main expertise, where sub-field expertise ( a and b) are the basic requirements, added by at least one (1) other sub-field (c, d, and e):

  1. Understanding the latest development of concept, theory, method and technic in remote sensing and GIS;   being able to critically assess their advantages and limitation, and developing innovative problem solving method according to the needs;
  2. Performing remote sensing-based analysis and spatial modelling or GIS to solve environmental problems (biotic environments, abiotic, and cultural) from two perspectives:  spatial data handling technic, and the applied field, in term of regional context.
  3. Visual interpretation (photographic interpretation) on various geographical phenomena, including landuse, physiography, and landscape studies in general;
  4. Performing remote sensing image digital analysis, including standard multi-spectral classification, and other analysis models.
  5. Developing spatial database in GIS environment to support environment and regional problem solving.