To be a reputable Remote Sensing Master Program  in Indonesia and South East Asia, especially in  the field of remote sensing for geography (geographical remote sensing), where the excellency of mastering the remote sensing technology is positioned over the excellency on applying  spatial analysis of geographical phenomena integrated with  geographic information system (GIS).


  1. Conducting education and teaching of master program in Remote Sensing, based on empirical studies, practical experiences, dan deep and critical literature review.
  2. Enhancing remote sensing science application using basic and advance researches development.
  3. Applying knowledge dissemination through publications of basic of advance researches;
  4. Developing collaboration network with national and international stakeholder to promote remote sensing studies;
  5. Establishing community service activities based on remote sensing practise applications.


To produce  a professional and excellent graduate of Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Remote Sensing,  on  national and Southeast Asia levels, who mastering remote sensing and GIS technologies to solve various spatial problems related to resources and  environmental management,  regional planning, and disaster management. This professionalism and excellences are formulated in the graduates’ competencies that need to be achieved by the graduates